The Science of how Sex reduces Stress

Many of us have heard the phrase that sex is good for the body on a regular occasion. The truth is that there is more truth to this statement than you might realize. There has been studied after study that has focused on the effects that sex can have on a person body. As a result of this, there has been a conclusion that has remained and that is sex can actually be beneficial for a person. So before you go out and enjoy a night of mind-blowing sex, you might want to read the rest of this article and see what effects that sex can have on a person body. So let us dive into this and get down to the business of talking about the effects that sex can have for a persons overall physical and mental health.

One of the first benefits that you will see is that the act of having sex will increase the level of Oxytocin this is often referred to as the “love hormone.” This can also be increased with the act of hugging someone, but often the bond between the two people can be increased with the act of a sexual experience. Not only does this help to increase the levels of this hormone, but it also helps to reduce the levels of the hormones that regulate stress. There is another thing that has to be looked at and that is the benefits that the cardiovascular system can have with an orgasm. The increased blood flow will deliver an increase in blood that is delivered to the pelvis during intercourse. When the human body becomes aroused, there is an increase in the amount of blood that flows through the body and as such the heart and lungs. This minor increase in blood flow will help to keep the heart in better condition than those that do not engage in activities such as sex that helps to increase the flow of blood.

Along with the benefits that have been discussed, there are other benefits that come from the act of having sex. Some of these are surprising and will not be thought about off the top of a person’s head. Some of these include the following. The lowering of a person blood pressure while in the act of having an orgasm. There are those that will think that sex will actually lead to an increase in a persons blood pressure. This is, in fact, is in fact not the case. You many people would be surprised to discover that this is the opposite and in fact, this can actually lead to a lowering of a person blood pressure. Often times things like hiking have the same effect but it is the act of being intimate with a person that will get the biggest release of chemicals into the human body and help to put a person in a better place. Both on a physical level as well as a mental level.

Another benefit of sex on the body is that of it can actually help to boost your immune system. You may be asking how this is the case and the answer is simple. Again in the course of having an orgasm, there is a release of chemicals that the body will have and ones of these chemical releases actually help to boost the immune system of a person. So while it may not be recognized, having an orgasm is actually helping to reduce the chances that you would get sick. An increased immune system can mean that you are not as likely to get sick from your coworker who has a cold. It is advised though that if the coworker in question is who you are having sex with, then you will still get sick no matter what. These are a few of the things that you can benefit from when you take the time to have an intimate relationship with your loved one. This does not mean go out and have sex like a rabbit, but it can be a beneficial thing to help you have a better mindset as well as helping to increase your physical well being.

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